Corporate Secretarial Services

As legislation governing company law becomes increasingly complex and time consuming, the onus is on companies to ensure that their statutory records are consistently updated and that they are compliant with the filing requirements of the Companies Registration Office.

A & C Accounting and Taxation Services offer two core services in this area – we can hold office as your Company Secretary and we can advise and assist on the duties which need to be carried out in order to comply with company law.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to many of our client companies which include:

  • Form a Company for you
  • Register your Business Name
  • Acting as Registered Office
  • Maintenance of statutory books, specifically maintaining the following:

    • Register of members;
    • Register of debenture holders;
    • Register of directors and officers;
    • Minute books of the proceedings of general and board meetings;

      • Preparation of AGM minutes;
      • Preparation of Directors minutes;

    • Registration of all directors’ and members’ appointments and resignations;
    • Change of company name, articles, and memorandum;
    • Special resolutions;
    • Supply of “shelf” companies or close corporations and
    • Ad hoc secretarial services